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RAM Trucks 2021 Model Lineup (& Our Pick on the One to Buy)

Let’s take a look at the 2021 RAM trucks lineup and see which truck is the RAM to buy.

Comparison: Ford Maverick vs Hyundai Santa Cruz

We compare 2021’s newest compact pickups: the Ford Maverick and the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Which one is right for you? Let’s find out.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning vs The Competition

The age of the electric truck has arrived. While this may not sound like a pronouncement that should rattle the rafters, it is a huge turning point in the march towards electrification.

Goodbye Gasoline: These Auto Marques Are Going Electric For Their Next Generation

The rise of the electric car looks like it’s well underway. Look at these auto brands converting their lineup to EV.

These Used Vehicles Offer Incredible Bang For Your Buck (2021 Edition)

We are going to break down the best value new and used vehicles of the current or late-model generations. A few choices may even surprise you!

The 2021 SUVs Most Likely To Retain Their Value | AutoDigg)

Which of the new 2021 model-year SUV’s are likely to keep their value longest? We did the math so you don’t have to!

Why Texans Are Paying More for Used Cars (& What You Can Do About It)

A variety of factors influenced used vehicle pricing, but right now is a special circumstance. Learn why used cars suddenly cost more than they used to..

Are EV Trucks Ready For Texas (as of April 2021)?

EV’s are gaining popularity in the market, but are they ready for Texas’ climate, terrain, & lifestyle? We explore if EV trucks are ready for Texas.

Fifth Generation RAM 1500 Buyers Guide [Texas Edition]

The Fifth Generation RAM 1500 is one of the toughest trucks out there. Looking to add one to your garage? Read our Chevrolet Colorado buyers guide.

Fifth Generation 2014-Present Jeep Cherokee Buyers Guide [Texas Edition]

The Fifth Generation Jeep Cherokee is a rough and tumble CUV in regular looking clothes. Looking to add one to your garage? Read our Jeep Cherokee buyers guide.

Third Generation 2016 - Present Toyota Tacoma Buyers Guide [Texas Edition]

Third Generation 2016 - Present Toyota Tacoma Buyers Guide [Texas Edition]

Second Generation 2015+ Chevrolet Colorado Buyers Guide [Texas Edition]

The second-generation 2015+ Chevrolet Colorado is in a class all of its own. Looking to add one to your garage? Read our Chevrolet Colorado buyers guide.

Thirteenth Generation 2015-2020 Ford F-150 Buyers Guide [Texas Edition]

The 13th generation F150 is one excellent truck - here’s the Texas-edition buyers guide for folks who need some help looking for a late-model F150.

The Five Most Popular Used Cars Sold in Texas [January 2021 Update].

Texas, as we all know, is one big state. Second largest in the Union, and the largest in the contiguous USA. Why does that matter?

3rd & 4th Generation Chevy Silverado Buyers Guide [Texas Edition]

The Chevrolet Silverado, first introduced in 1999, has long been a mainstay on Texan highways. Looking at a late-model Silverado? Read this buyers guide.

Top 10 most popular Trucks in Texas

Curious what the top-selling vehicle is in Texas? Just imagine the towing capacity and powerful drive train of the … Toyota Camry? If that doesn’t sound much like the Texas you know and love, it’s because the numbers crowning the Toyota Camry come from quote requests.

Budget-friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for car lovers.

'Tis is the season of giving, a season where we want to make our loved ones feel extra special, but why break a bank. Therefore, the AutoDigg team worked together to provide you with a list of a few affordable gift options for Car lovers.

2020 and Beyond: Top 9 Automotive Trends You Must Know

The automotive industry has recently been going through immense changes for quite a variety of reasons. Not only has the introduction of ride-hailing services changed automotive industry trends considerably, but consumers, too, have become far more informed than ever.

How to Buy a Car Online and Where to Find the Best Deals

The way we buy cars is changing. Just a few years ago, our primary option for purchasing a car was the traditional way; driving to a car dealership, dealing with an often pushy salesman, and trying to get the best deal possible on a new or used car. In our digital world, that’s no longer our only option.

How To Get The Best Deal On A New Car And Used Car

Shopping for a used car is one of those things that’s rarely as fun, or as easy as it may seem. Hidden behind a vast array of multi-colored balloons, helpful handshakes, and friendly smiles. Lies an entire industry with one goal in mind – to get as much of your money as possible.

Get the absolute most out of your trade-in car - Proven hacks that work every single time

If you’ve decided to upgrade your vehicle and are looking for the best car deal possible, good news - we can help. One of the most important things to consider is the value you receive from your trade-in. When it comes to negotiating the lowest amount possible, car dealers are at the top of the food chain.

Top 10 Best Car Buying Websites

There have been a lot of changes going on in the retail automotive industry recently that make it more confusing than ever to buy a vehicle. Things like government tax incentives, special APR’s, bank approvals, trade values, and (of course) getting a good deal - can drive a person mad.

Car Trends - The Most Popular Cars in Austin, Texas

Drive through any town in Texas, and you’re likely to find a heavy-duty pickup truck. The same is true in Austin, Texas. Although Austin is becoming a large metropolitan area, the reliability of a pickup truck is still essential. In fact, the vehicle that has sold the most in the past five years in Austin, Texas, was the Ford F-150.

The Future of Autonomous Cars - How Yesterdays Idea Became the Topic of Today

Society demands more - Modern vehicles have become much more than just a means of getting from one place to the next. Through the use of technology, they're now more involved in our day to day lives than ever before. US automakers reported that almost 18 million units sold in 2018. An increase of around 8% compared to the previous year.

The Evolution of Vehicle Technology - The culmination of innovation

The technology found in today's vehicles has come a long way over the last 20-years or so. Options that were once thought to be a luxury are now standard on most models. Not only has new tech made them safer, but they're also more fun and efficient to drive. To appreciate how far they've come, let's look at some of the important milestones along the way.

Nada Show 2019

With the National Automobile Dealers Association show for 2019 recently wrapping up on January 27th in San Francisco, we wanted to review some of the top highlights from this year’s expo. The four-day event was packed with guest speakers, informative workshops, and valuable networking sessions.

Tricks of the Trade while buying a New Car or Used Car - Make Dealer Compete for YOU!

Buying a car has always been a hassle; either you have to waste hours haggling over the price while dealing with pushy salesmen or you go through the car listing websites with no guarantee of the best deal.

Top 10 Most Popular Award Winning Cars, Trucks, And Crossovers

Presenting the Best Cars, Crossovers and Trucks. It seems that every vehicle we drive is both more fuel-efficient, more powerful, more comfortable and more funthan its predecessor.